Here is the list of all the clinics, camps and sand clinic and tournaments for 2024. Please sign up ASAP to reserve your spot and spots are very limited. Last year most all were SOLD OUT! 



-- You did NOT have to go to Part 1 in order to sign up for Part 2! --

-- Location and times may change -- Dates will remain the same! -- 

Few common questions asked… please make sure to READ all the details on each page before registering. 

1) Are part 1 and 2 the same?   No! They will build off each other and you will get a lot of different drills and reps on each one.

2) Do I have to go to Part 1 in order to go to Part 2?   NO, but its recommended since they will build off each other

3) HS ages? High school means 9th-12th grade for 2024-2025 school year

4) How do I know if I am signed up?  You will get a confirmation email with all the details on it. If you don’t get a confirmation email, your registration didn’t go through. Make sure you always press “SUBMIT”

5) I can’t make it now, can I get a refund? Sorry, there are no refunds or credits allowed. All sales are final. Please don’t ask! 

6) Can I sign up for all of them at once? At this time I don’t have the ability to do that,  you have to register for each one. Please know that you aren’t being charged extra for each of them and the fee is for the credit card only service.

SKILLS CLINICS: (one-day) 

All at Resurrection Christian High School (Loveland)

High School

High School SETTING (Part 1) Monday (June 17th) :

To sign up:  : https://akvolleyball.regfox.com/p1setting24


High School SETTING (PART 2) Monday (July 8th) : 

To sign up:  https://akvolleyball.regfox.com/p2setting24



High School MIDDLE HITTING (Part 1): Monday (June 17th):

To sign up:  https://akvolleyball.regfox.com/p1hsmb24


High School MIDDLE HITTING (Part 2): Monday (July 8th): 

To sign up:  https://akvolleyball.regfox.com/p2hsmb24

High School SERVE and PASS (Part 1): Tuesday (June 18th):

To sign up:  https://akvolleyball.regfox.com/p1hsservepass24


High School SERVE and PASS  (Part 2): Tuesday (July 9th): 

To sign up:  https://akvolleyball.regfox.com/p2hsservepass24


High School BLOCKING (Part 1):  Tuesday (June 18th) :

To sign up:  https://akvolleyball.regfox.com/p1hsblock24


High School BLOCKING (Part 2): Tuesday (July 9th):

To sign up:  https://akvolleyball.regfox.com/p2hsblock24


High School OUTSIDE/RIGHTSIDE HITTING (Part 1): Wednesday (June 19th) 

To sign up:  https://akvolleyball.regfox.com/p1hsoh24


High School OUTSIDE/RIGHTSIDE HITTING (Part 2): Wednesday (July 10th) 

To sign up:  https://akvolleyball.regfox.com/p2hsoh24


High School DEFENSE (Part 1):  Wednesday (June 19th) : 

To sign up:  https://akvolleyball.regfox.com/p1hsdefense24


High School DEFENSE (Part 2): Wednesday (July 10th):  

To sign up:  https://akvolleyball.regfox.com/p2hsdefense24


Middle School

Middle School SERVING and PASSING (Part 1): Thursday, (June 20th) 

To sign up:  https://akvolleyball.regfox.com/p1msserve24


Middle School SERVING and PASSING (Part 2): Thursday (July 11th) 

To sign up:  https://akvolleyball.regfox.com/p2msserve24


Middle School HITTING (Part 1): Thursday, (June 20th:)

To sign up:  https://akvolleyball.regfox.com/p1msspike24


Middle School HITTING (Part 2) : Thursday (July 11th): 

To sign up:  https://akvolleyball.regfox.com/p2msspike24 



*All held at Resurrection Christian High School (Loveland)*


Middle School: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (July 22nd-24th) 

To sign up:  https://akvolleyball.regfox.com/mscamp24


** Middle school means 6th-8th grade for 2024-2025 school year


High School: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (July 22nd-24th)  

To sign up:  https://akvolleyball.regfox.com/hscamp24


** High school means 9th-12th grade for 2024-2025 school year

PLEASE NOTE:  there are NO refund or credits for any cancellations, so please read each one carefully before signing up. 

Reminder: Angela will be available all year for private lessons, just email her at: [email protected] for more details.

To sign the waiver for all AK Volleyball/High 5 Tutoring LLC events, sessions, camps and clinics please follow this link to sign the waiver.    


You can also download our waiver PDF HERE for future reference.

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